Billing Automation with latest innovations in technology and building


With a two-decade experience in the healthcare, we bridge healthcare technology with RCM domain expertise that gave birth to “NellikkAI™” and opened the flood gates of growth for Medical Billing Companies and Hospitals.

Artificially Intelligent

Our mission is to build a suite of artificially intelligent products that helps Billing automation and integration, of processes and data scattered around EMR/EHR applications, and cater to the needs of healthcare segment right from the Solo Physician practices to multi-specialty hospitals.

Software As a Service

Our vision is to provide Software as a Service model platform, where the vast majority of Physicians may harness the power of automation and AI without having to invest on huge upfront costs; and a platform where qualified and certified resources are available on demand to offer ala carte or turnkey solutions to healthcare practices enrolled on the platform.

Technology Architecture

Our strategic partnerships and technology architecture help Medical billing companies conquer the hassle of dealing with multiple clearinghouses and EHRs and be able to expand their horizons with ease and without huge upfronts. All this is done with a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary integrations including Robotic Process Automations, APIs and EDIs.

Billing Automation Solutions

Data integration

The architecture of healthomation is built encompassing several Clearinghouses and a huge number of Electronic health record applications and other healthcare systems. Integration and data transfer between these systems are achieved in multiple ways using in-built EDI integration engine, API integration engine, HL7 parsers and coders, and Bot architectures. This has enabled smooth flow of data for the flagship product NellikkAI™.

Hours of designing, PoC, testing and implementation have gone into mastering these integrations and healthomation with its huge set of libraries built, saves all that work for you if you do have any kind of data integration requirement.

Predictive Analytics

Running a single Provider Clinic to multi-specialty hospital, is quite an exhaustive task and it takes sterling planning and exemplary execution to predict and track the growth trajectory. As a medical professional the skill set of the Practice owners generally doesn’t include data analytics. Especially in the current information technology era, the data simply pours in from all directions, overwhelming the user with choice of analytical methods. Our intelligent, in-built predictive data analytics engine takes care of all these hassles and presents all that you need in a simple, customizable dashboard format.

The most important part of our data presentation system is the customization. We customize the parameters and present the real time data in single dashboard, which helps you to plan the future projections. Our predictive alarm feature helps you track all the payment dues without letting even a minor part of it slip between the cracks.


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the emerging technologies that are disrupting every other domain. Healthcare domain can’t operate in silos, ignoring the scientific developments. In fact, these technologies are at the heart of healthomation’s NellikkAI™ and the healthcare domain could stand to gain most by utilizing these emerging technologies and emerge as a front runner in rendering top class services to the patients.

Right from the transcription editing to predictive analytics, to AI powered denial management systems, to optimizing patient routine exams, to smart work allocation and remote monitoring, we have deployed these technologies to keep every one of our clientele numero uno in their respective space.

RPA (BOT as a Service)

Robotic Process Automation is another emerging technology that automates the hitherto human handled mundane tasks. This technology deploys Bot (Electronic virtual robot) to do mundane, repeatedly executed tasks. For example, if there are multiple data sources available and one need to constantly look for updates and collate them as and when they are available, it’s quite an exhaustive and boring task for any human to execute. But if a Bot is deployed for the task, it constantly scouts for the data with same agility for hours together and keeps collating the real time data.

Healthomation uses a Bot farm in its underlying architecture to grab data from disparate destinations and is monitored and controlled by dedicated Bot control centers and Notification centers. These Bots grab data from thin, thick and web app clients and feed our staging database for further processing by the respective procedure bank.

Our Revenue Management Solutions

Our revenue cycle technology solutions are targeted towards easing the manual work of Hospitals, Physician groups and Billing Companies; by providing state-of-the-art automation and artificial intelligence backed technology solutions, via an easy Subscription model or a White labelled dedicated server model.

Eligibility Verification

Our Benefits Verification feature is tailored to your own Practice/Specialty and results are delivered in variety of formats as PDF, Spreadsheet, grid view or directly to your Pre-estimate form; and highlights the exact data that you are most interested in.

Denial Management

Our Denial management system begins with the capture of all your denials automatically from your ERAs and Paper EoBs; assigning them to appropriate users with suggestions to resolve the denials; follow-up till the closure of the same and ends at learning from the actions taken to resolve.

e-Consent Forms

The time of paper forms are gone, and tabs could serve as the entry point where the patients enters many of their demography and history information along with signing all of the legal compliance forms necessary to initiate a treatment/consultation.

Claim Tracker

The claim tracker keeps track of every claim that is being sent out of your system, and monitors the same for a Payment or a Denial. In a nut shell no claim is slipped without attention if they did not reach a logical end before a stipulated time.

Prior Auth Management

In essence NellikkAI™ uses electronic Fax and Email solutions to send out Prior authorization requests via a dedicated dial-out number and retrieves and stores the responses from the payors for future references; while it is ever adhering to better ways of communicating with the Payors as and when available.


Analyzing the performance of a healthcare unit via easily comprehendible Bar charts, Pie charts, Line Charts, Density maps and meters gives a deep and clear understanding into the key performance indicators of any Hospital, Medical Practice or a Billing company.


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