Denial Management

Denial Management

No more losing money, just because your staff do not have time or expertise to handle denials. Our intelligent denial management suggests actions to be taken for your staff whether he/she is a novice, intermediate or an expert. Save time and earn money that you deserve.

The most critical nexus in RCM chain is the Electronic Remittance Advice process. Entire financial aspect of the cycle rests on the ERA. As a Practice or Provider your utmost focus would be on the ailment of the patient and the treatment given, follow up actions to be taken, medicines to be prescribed etc., Naturally the focus on financial aspects takes a back seat, which in fact is good for the patient as you care more while spending more time focusing on the treatment related aspects.

But unfortunately, on the other hand you are supposed to pay equal if not more attention towards financial aspects to safeguard patients and your interests. How could you strike a balance is as big as striking work – life balance. As domain experts we can’t provide solution for striking work – life balance, but could certainly help on the other critical one.

Our system is very intuitive and proactive. It ensures all your pending claims never move out of its radar and keeps a tab on each and every claim until it reaches a logical consummation. Most time consuming and problematic claims are partially denied and underpaid claims. Generally, it is these categories of claims that slips between cracks and lose traction by medical billing professionals. Our system ensures you get periodic alert specifically on such claims to ensure they are tracked till closure. Our intelligent intuitive system ensures both you and your patient never lose out a penny that is rightfully yours.

Our Denial management system begins with the capture of all your denials automatically from your ERAs and Paper EoBs; assigning them to appropriate users with suggestions to resolve the denials; follow-up till the closure of the same and ends at learning from the actions taken to resolve.


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