Gain visual insights, monitor trends and predict resource requirements using our privilege based dashboard gadgets and stay on top of your organization in spite of your busy schedule.

Analyzing the performance of a healthcare unit via easily comprehendible Bar charts, Pie charts, Line Charts, Density maps and meters gives a deep and clear understanding into the key performance indicators of any Hospital, Medical Practice or a Billing company.

The analytics predicts and prepares the key decision makers to proactively act on certain matters before it gets worse; or helps prepare for hiring or acquisition when they see a bullish trend on certain KPI.

The need for Analytics is the same for every level of user, but the KPIs for every level and type of user could be different. This is taken into consideration and a host of KPIs are built for the Super-admin and only relevant analytics could be shown to every different type of user, controlled via their own User access privileges and rights.

Healthomation is capable of bringing data from disparate sources and normalizing them into a staging database, from where appropriate elements of a record could be ported into an application database via a procedure bank. These data could be analyzed and given to the user for various slice and dice operations to show different data perspective of a Hospital, Practice or even a deserving Medical billing company.


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