A subscription-based application with no upfront costs, to streamline your Revenue Cycle Management whether you are a Medical Billing company or a Physician Group Practice or a Hospital. This white-labelled application with a library of customized features and integrations helps enhance the growth of your organization.


Whether you do in-house billing or outsource it to a professional, it doesn’t matter, it still needs your close attention to sustain your cashflow!

Why spend your valuable time?

This tool watches 24/7 into every nook and corner of the RCM and reports LIVE on the crucial parameters about the health of your revenue cycle, as a third-party auditor.

Nellikk.AI is a unique cloud based third party medical billing audit platform that seamlessly integrates with your EHR/Clearinghouse using your user credentials and silently sniffs the Claims that are going out and payments coming in.

The sophisticated rules and logics within Nellikk.AI engage in multiple iterations with the input data, generating easily understandable outputs such as lists, reports, metrics, pie charts, and bar graphs.

Key Audit Parameters

Nellikk.AI is a unique cloud based third party medical billing audit platform that seamlessly integrates with your EHR/Clearinghouse using your user credentials and silently sniffs the Claims that are going out and payments coming in.

  • Claims Sent Vs Settled
  • Denied Claims Vs Resolutions
  • Unresolved genuine claims
  • Billing & Payment velocities
  • Accuracy of Claim submissions
  • Billing errors identified.
  • Ageing claims status and actions
Thousands of dollars saved along with your valuable time using our patent pending application Nellikk.AI leveraging cutting-edge ML & AI, X12 EDI, and RPA technologies.
No Upfront Investment

Our visionary goal is to establish a Software as a Service (SaaS) model platform, providing access to Auditing, Automation and AI capabilities without substantial upfront investments.

$149 per user

All you need now is a subscription to Nellikk.AI, and your practice will be seamlessly integrated into the monitoring system. Within three months, you'll observe trends and enjoy noticeable improvements.

Add-on Features

  • Receive recommendations from top analysts and benefit from Al-powered suggestions for every denial.
  • Utilize a centralized ticketing system to monitor denials. Keep track of every denial until resolution, providing agents/staff with recommendations and suggestions to handle denials effectively.
  • Customized benefits reports tailored to each practice specialty provide precise and relevant information, streamlining the verification process. Perform manual or automated eligibility and benefits verification on a single or bulk basis.
  • The Procedure Reminder feature, mines visit history for potential patient appointments, utilizing SMS and Email integrations to ensure patient care, and busy schedule of providers.
  • Drastically reduce claim status verification calls by 50% with the “Claim Status” feature. Obtain the status of claims with a single click, search, and filter through hundreds of claims, and submit tasks efficiently, transforming hours of work into minutes.
  • Capture paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) seamlessly into the portal, consolidating all denials into a single platform for efficient monitoring and actions.
  • Check walk-in patient encounters and offer professional, precise Benefits reports to keep patients well-informed. Intro- duce a pre-estimate feature with customizable fee schedules to enhance upfront collections on deductibles and co-insurances.
  • Slice and dice your data and bring out industry leading, interactive Analytics that resonates the pulse of your RCM and key performance indicators.

Top Billing Errors

that could be avoided
  • Claims sent to the wrong locations
  • Billed using wrong NPIs
  • Billed without verifying eligibility
  • Missing or incorrect pre-auth
  • Incomplete patient information
  • Incorrect CPTs and Modifiers
  • Unfound matching diagnosis
  • Duplicate claims
  • Missed TFL
  • Incorrect PoS

Robotic Process Automation, EDI integration, FHIR and APIs might sound like a rocket science, to a medical professional. Fact of the matter is, these are simple automation techniques and protocols used to automate mundane repetitive activities using Bots or virtual Robots, or communicate between various software systems, which can be used in variety of industries including healthcare industry.

Need for Automation and Integration in any industry stems out not just for the want of speed and agility, but also to avoid human error. In RCM industry, human errors doesn’t just leads to rework and hence waste of time and efforts, but also results in loss of revenue to the customers and organization.

Healthomation liberates the employees from their mundane repetitive task schedules, and enables them to focus on higher level tasks that needs human intelligence, compassion, creativity, crisis management and presence of mind.

“NellikkAI™” is a flagship product of Healthomation inc, available to the Billing Companies, Physician groups and hospitals in the US on a subscription based model. It is a wholesome product built on multiple modules to customize as per client’s requirement. The platform automates and streamlines various tasks of Revenue cycle management such as Benefits verification, Notes automation, Intelligent Claim scrubbing, Payment tracker and analyzer, Denial Management, Work allocation and monitoring, E-Superbill, EMR Syncing, Patient statement and follow-ups.

NellikkAI™ gives the key management team complete control and insight into a Practice or a hospital, and advises navigation of the Practice/Hospital and its multiple locations w.r.t its revenue cycle, contributions and procedures.

Whether your revenue cycle is completely outsourced to professionals, or you take help in part to run your RCM; both the performers and assignors of the task are immensely benefited when they are monitored via NellikkAI™. The Billing companies are relieved from the reports they have to produce in periodic basis, as NellikkAI™ is a Live reporting platform too. Here both the Providers and the Managers of the billing companies get deep insights into what is happening w.r.t every task that is performed and can virtually have complete control on the health of RCM.

You are not restricted to placing your staff in-house and complete remote workforce is enabled through NellikkAI™ and further you may hire temp resources or consultants On and off via NellikkAI™ after verifying their credentials, references and ratings on the marketplace of this platform. This is true to both the medical billing companies and their end users.

The platform is built on a huge integration engine network, powered by ML and AI and could communicate with various Clearinghouses and EMRs at ease and helps reduce time consuming duplication of work, and enhances productivity and efficiency in multi folds.

NellikkAI™ is built in the sole intention of bringing the power back to your hands with numerous possibilities, available 24/7 and 365 days for a meager subscription, and ever enhanced with new features and versions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Reach out to one of our executives to talk more about the platform, and discuss how it can fit your requirements!


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