ML and AI

Our proficiency in implementing Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, as demonstrated in the NellikkAI™ app, combined with our domain expertise in healthcare could be well utilized by healthcare enterprise clients to save time to deployment of their own projects.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are the emerging technologies that are disrupting every other domain. Healthcare domain can’t operate in silos, ignoring the scientific developments. In fact, these technologies are at the heart of healthomation’s NellikkAI™ and the healthcare domain could stand to gain most by utilizing these emerging technologies and emerge as a front runner in rendering top class services to the patients.

Right from the transcription editing to predictive analytics, to AI powered denial management systems, to optimizing patient routine exams, to smart work allocation and remote monitoring, we have deployed these technologies to keep every one of our clientele numero uno in their respective space. We also offer building customized solutions using these technologies for hospitals and physician groups.


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