Doqument AI

Healthcare systems have vital data embedded in tons of documents. This could be Credentialing and Contracting documents, Paper EoBs, Patient Consent forms, a Medical report or a Lab report, a Summary and so on. We help retrieve the data elements from any of such document, put through a human assisted, ML & AI powered validation workflow and present to you a 100% accurate Output.

DoqumentAI is a ML & AI enabled OCR engine product in the army of Healthomation. Paperless transactions are a long time dream, but avoiding papers have been literally impossible for years. So in every operation there is use of paper from 5% to a much larger percent. Even in operations where they emphasize paper-less are forced to receive paper records 3-5% of the time.

DoqumentAI is an intelligent application combined with a streamlined workflow of human auditors, where it processes papers into data elements and get them validated by auditors. All the changes made by the auditors are learnt by the DoqumentAI and it ensures that it doesn’t repeat similar errors, reducing the need for stringent auditing.

Vital information still resides in papers, that needed to be converted as data elements. It could be from Invoices, Paper EoBs, Credentialing documents, Contracts, Fee Schedules, Paper Claims, Insurance cards, Medical charts, Lab reports, Discharge summaries, Reference letters, Transcribed Notes and so on.


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