Market Place

Market Place

Qualified resources could be hired on an ala-carte basis if there is a reliable platform to evaluate qualified resources, allocate tasks, monitor progress, output and quality and further give them a crowd sourced rating of resources. Our Market Place just does that, where you will see profiles from Healthcare such as Billing auditors, Insurance Callers, AR Analysts, Credentialing experts etc.

The landscape of revenue cycle management is ever changing. With the complexity of payor matrix and demography dependence, the job of getting reimbursements on claims are becoming more and more complicated. There used to be experienced Practice managers, and Professional billing companies who used to do excellent job wearing multiple hats. But those resources are becoming hard to find, and their legacy is not followed up with.

There comes the help of technology from companies like Healthomation Inc and products like NellikkAI™ and Document AI.

Using NellikkAI™ there is a clear pass over and accumulation of knowledge and the best practices, in the best interests of the Practice/hospital and the community.

Medical billing companies, hospitals and Practices now have the option via this marketplace to hire valuable resources as Auditors, Insurance Callers, Medical Coders, Eligibility/Benefits Verification specialists, Patient callers etc., either on a long term or even on a Pay-per-task basis. This helps managers hire on demand to handle their surge loads.

The registered resources on this Market place would have been trained and certified to use NellikkAI™ and related products, along with the EHR they are specialized with.

Confidentiality and HIPAA documentation could be quickly coordinated with already pre-screened resources and hence could be deployed at a razor speed, than waiting for a longer recruitment cycle. The terms as “Global Village” and “Flat World” are becoming a reality now, while you really have complete control and gain confidence to work with remote and virtual resources with the help of Healtomation Inc.


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