e-Consent Forms

Patient Consent Forms

Why the hassle of printing out too many paper forms and tossing between Patients. With electronic consent forms, you tailor what your patients need and get them filled and signed with a kiosk or a tab, and have valuable data stored securely.

The legal requirements and HIPAA regulations in handling the patients and storing the data is a very sensitive part of practice management. A simple inadvertent slip could cost dearly to the organization’s reputation and the bankroll. Appropriate forms need to be filled with relevant data and duly signed by the Patients before initiating the treatment to ensure 100% compliance. We provide customized online solutions for the patient consent forms creation and storage. Through this service we completely avoid usage of papers, thus reducing the environmental burdens and storage hassles of physical inventory.

The cloud storage in our portal serves as a virtual vault for all the forms and our user-friendly file system ensures retrieval of any document in a jiffy.

The time of paper forms are gone, and tabs could serve as the entry point where the patients enters many of their demography and history information along with signing all of the legal compliance forms necessary to initiate a treatment/consultation.


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