Claim Tracker

Claim Tracker

Not a single claim loses our radar, and we chase them and your staff to bring an amicable resolution to every claim. No more mounting ageing receivables and breaching Timely filing limits of payors when claims are tracked on time, and appropriate users continuously alerted or escalated for actions.

A claim could be denied for various reasons. It takes an expert to analyze through each and every aspect of the denied claim to arrive at the gap and plug it to ensure the claim is successfully claimed back. Your staff spends most of the time doing just that while there are many administrative and managerial tasks craving for their attention. Just imagine a situation where you can deploy a robot to assist (not replace) your staff and minimize their time spent on this analysis significantly. Our portal does just that.

The customer satisfaction quotient of the Patient mostly rests on the kind of attention they receive, treatment provided, follow-up action taken etc., and most of the Practice/Provider score well in this area. Where they fail most of the times and lose out the patient is managing commercials. Missing out a claim resulting in burning the Patient’s pocket could lead to disaster as it would not only affect the client in question, but their word of mouth could impact the business prospects very badly. Our ‘Claim tracker’ is designed with this issue as a pivotal point and ensures none of the claims are missed out while the staff spend minimum possible time on each of them.

The claim tracker keeps track of every claim that is being sent out of your system, and monitors the same for a Payment or a Denial. When a Payment is referenced back to a Claim, the claim could be referenced to a Under and Over payment logic and closed thereupon. If it is denied, it is referred to the denial AI engine, and if time passes without any response for a claim they are assigned to the Claim Status engine for verification of the current status, and further tickets are raised based on the Status. In a nut shell no claim is slipped without attention if they did not reach a logical end before a stipulated time.


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