Data Integration

Data Integration

Using industry recognized data integration tools, we are capable of processing data from disparate sources, run normalization logics, business rules, schedules and triggers, and present you with an integrated data environment for your mobile and web applications to access and process.

The architecture of healthomation is built encompassing several Clearinghouses and a huge number of Electronic health record applications and other healthcare systems. Integration and data transfer between these systems are achieved in multiple ways using in-built EDI integration engine, API integration engine, HL7 parsers and coders, and Bot architectures. This has enabled smooth flow of data for the flagship product NellikkAI™.

Hours of designing, PoC, testing and implementation have gone into mastering these integrations and healthomation with its huge set of libraries built, saves all that work for you if you do have any kind of data integration requirement.

Whatever be the healthcare system, and whether you wanted to retrieve or load data into it, our consultants will offer a solution that helps you reach your goal in lightning speeds.


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