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Physician Groups Integration, Integration, Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Remote enabling the medical billing work for your own staff or for full or partly outsourced setting, NellikkAI™ with its subscription model helps you with a platform to allocate, monitor, quality control and guide the billing staff further improving the efficiency on the whole.

Physician practices & Groups lack the capability to hire highly proficient Billers, and they also lack tools to simplify their billing and take control of it from the Benefit Verification to Customized Claim scrubbing, Auth management, Denial management, Ageing control, Patient collection etc. Even if the billing is outsourced the practice lacks control of it; and relies on the vendor to produce reports and monitor the progress.

Not any more, with NellikkAI™ a suite of Integration, Automation and Artificial Intelligent platform that is available on a Subscription or a White-labelled model, Physician practices gain complete control on Benefits Verification, Denial management, Claims tracking, E-Consents and Claim scrubbing.

The envisaged solution sits on every practice whether the billing is outsourced or not, and integrates with their own Clearinghouse and EMR, and facilitates the entire billing process with the help of few in-house staffs or a marketplace where staffs could be hired for specific processes or a billing vendor. The solution improves the billing accuracy and brings enormous peace of mind with a 360 deg insight into every step of the billing process.

Though the actual billing happens in the respective EHRs the monitoring, alerts, ticketing, AI, Denial management and scrubbing happens within NellikkAI™, that sits between these EHRs/clearinghouses and YOU or your staff and steers your company to greater peace of mind and success!

Automation helps liberate valuable human resources doing a repetitive and mundane tasks increasing their longevity in the Practice and time with the patients. Machine learning and artificial intelligence helps resolve many denials and claim scrubbing issues increasing the overall Clean claim and reimbursements ratio.

Our solutions are available in a Subscription based model, White labelled model or as a Turnkey solution project. Reach out to one of our Practice billing experts to talk about your challenges, and how we could be a solution!


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