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Healthomation is a Technology enabler for Medical Billing companies. With a host of integrations already accomplished with a number of EHRs and Clearinghouses, Billing companies could subscribe or White Label NellikkAI™ and within days could take control of all their entire Clients workflow and even provide Live access to their clients with meaningful dashboards and ticketing, hence proving transparency and efficiency.


Yes, we provide a customized portal which bears your own brand name. We upkeep the portal, maintenance, and enhancements, while you keep adding clients.

Navigating the complexities of the U.S. healthcare RCM market with its approximately 400 Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) systems is no easy feat for a medical billing company. Juggling multiple EHRs and clearinghouses across various clients poses a significant challenge, hindering the timely acquisition of crucial, real-time data essential for steering organizational success.


  • Details of the total Claims processed across the entire organization in a day/week/month/year or custom ranges.
  • The number of claims that adhere or deviate from the global, organization, or practice-specific rules, along with the corresponding percentage of non-compliance.
  • The quantity of claims that were successfully paid, the corresponding monetary value, the count of partial and complete denials, and the number of genuine denials, disregarding reporting and bundled codes, spanning across the entire organization.
  • Number of unpaid denials throughout the organization, including their status and the specific staff/team they are stuck with. (A claims radar)
“These data points are critical for resource allocation, comprehensive audits, and successful quality control measures to ensure client satisfaction and retention but are unfortunately beyond reach for many billing companies”
Technology, ML & AI is impacting every business process, and traditionally, such advanced tools were reserved for larger billing companies and corporations. Now, Healthomation Inc democratizes access to such cutting-edge technologies by offering a subscription-based model, empowering even smaller billing companies to harness the efficiency and power of evolving technology.

Say YES to Healthomation and NO to:

  • Time-consuming reporting processes, potential inaccuracies, and difficulty in providing timely updates to clients.
  • Managing multiple logins and interfaces for different systems, adding administrative overhead, increased complexity, and potential delays in billing processes.
  • Higher training costs, increased onboarding time, and the risk of staff turnover affecting operational continuity.
  • Increased risk of compliance violations, potentially leading to financial penalties and reputational damage.
  • Hindered scalability, limiting the ability to take on new clients or manage increased workloads efficiently.


  • Record recommendations from top analysts, and benefit from AI-powered suggestions for each denial across the organization. Empower every agent with the expertise of a top/global analyst.
  • Easily pinpoint specific errors made during the claim posting process, allowing for swift correction and minimizing potential billing discrepancies.
  • Customized benefits reports tailored to each practice provide precise and relevant
  • information, in single or bulk automated verification process.
  • Utilize a centralized ticketing system to monitor denials across the entire organization. Keep track of every denial until resolution, providing agents with recommendations and suggestions to handle denials effectively.
  • The Procedure Reminder feature mines visit history for potential follow-up and screening, patient appointments, utilizing SMS and Email integrations to ensure a busy schedule for your clients.
  • Drastically reduce claim status verification calls by 50% with the "Claim Status" feature. Obtain the status of claims with a single click, search and filter through hundreds of claims, and submit tasks efficiently, transforming hours of work into minutes.
  • Capture paper Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) seamlessly into the portal, consolidating all denials into a single platform for efficient monitoring and actions.
  • Provide clients with an interface to check walk-in patient encounters and offer professional, precise reports to keep their patients well-informed. Introduce a pre-estimate feature with customizable fee schedules to enhance upfront collections on deductibles and co-insurances.
  • Slice and Dice your data and bring out industry leading, interactive Analytics that resonates the pulse of your RCM and key performance indicators.

“There are more than 400 EHRs and more than 20 leading clearinghouses that interact with 1000s of Payors that circulate 10000s of plans that cater to about 300 million individuals”

It is a herculean task to maneuver policies and payor rules and benefits of every plan, even though a Physician Practice or Hospital is restricted to a few Insurance companies and a defined population of their demography. So, they tend to leave a percentage of their money behind, not able to resolve denials and lack of payments within a short time. Some resort to the help of professional billing companies, who shall alleviate the pain, but in fact the pain gets transferred to the Billing companies.

Billing companies thrive by signing Contracts with many practices and hospitals to help them get their re-imbursements. But every practice has their own choice of EHR and Clearinghouse. Though the billing companies could allocate specific clients to a set of Staff, it is a nightmare for the managerial staff to assign work, monitor, guide or do any quality control; as the data is completely distributed into isolated islands of EHRs. So many billing companies restrict their clientele to a few EHR and thus hindering their own progress.

Not any more, with NellikkAI™ a suite of Integration, Automation and Artificial Intelligent platform that is available on a Subscription or a White-labelled model, Billing companies gain complete control on Benefits Verification, Denial management, Claims tracking, E-Consents and Claim scrubbing on a single window view removing the hassle of logging in into multiple EHRs and Clearinghouses. Though the actual billing happens in one of those 400 EHRs the monitoring, alerts, ticketing, AI, Denial management and scrubbing happens within NellikkAI™, that sits between these EHRs/clearinghouses and YOU or your staff and steers your company to greater peace of mind and success!

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