Transcription Module

Transcription Module

Connect with resources inside or external to your organization and get help transcribing only a few of your critical dictation notes, and still get a complete report with the use of auto-fill fields, templatized dictations, and integrated Voice recognition.

Medical transcription has traditionally been a domain that remained untouched by technological advances other than the Voice recognition, until recent times. The domain is now expanding into new horizons and we the professionals with over 20 years of experience in various types of transcriptions such as Virtual transcriptions, Templatized transcriptions, Auto-transcriptions etc. are targeting our rightful share of the pie by virtue of our competence.

We have synergized our technical prowess with domain expertise to build this system that intuitively synchronize with the Provider’s thought process and helps them build a flawless, exemplary medical records. There are Providers who gets satisfaction only when they write the details of the medical record themselves. There are Providers who needs assistance yet, believes in writing it out. There are tech savvy Providers who wishes to record their inputs and depends on someone to transcribe the medical record.

Due to all the above challenges, its been a nightmare for hospital administration to track and receive the reimbursements that they rightfully deserve from the Insurance payors and the patients. And hence the ageing report of any hospital stays bulky, and the hospital administration had to do annual write-offs to keep that surging account receivables under a fictional control.

Consult our transcription experts to assess your requirements and tailor a solution for you!


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