About Us

Connecting islands of healthcare data

Building hybrid models and data bridges

A Hybrid version from healthcare domain expertise and cutting edge technology innovations, internationally placed development centers, building bridges across islands of healthcare data - all focused towards liberating healthcare resources for valuable patient care.

Healthomation was a realization envisaged by professionals who have served the Healthcare domain for decades, offering services related to Revenue Cycle, Data capture, Analytics and Process Automation.

This startup is a result of 20 plus years of experience in the domain, and a strong desire to streamline the Claim flow and reimbursement process, while bringing a complete control and transparency to the key management team about the nook and corner of these processes.

Our mission is to build a suite of artificially intelligent products that helps automation and integration of processes and data scattered around applications, and cater to the needs of healthcare segment right from the Solo Physician practices and multi-specialty hospitals.

Our vision is to provide Software as a Service model platform, where the vast majority of Physicians may harness the power of automation and AI without having to invest on huge upfront costs; and a platform where qualified and certified resources are available on demand to offer ala carte or turnkey solutions to healthcare practices enrolled on the platform.

Our strategic partnerships and technology architecture help Medical billing companies conquer the hassle of dealing with multiple clearinghouses and EHRs and be able to expand their horizons with ease and without huge upfronts. All this is done with a variety of proprietary and non-proprietary integrations including Robotic Process Automations, APIs and EDIs.


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